Saturday, 23 July 2011

Clinique Mascara Review!

Hi everyone!
I thought i'd do a review of what might be my favourite mascara i've used so far, today, which is the Clinique High Impact Curling mascara. This is the first mascara i've used where I really am surprised with the results, as I have quite long eyelashes naturally so many mascaras don't make a massive difference on me. The first thing I noticed about the mascara was that it gave my lashes a nice, natural curl (used with eyelash curlers) which I don't usually get very easily as my lashes are so long they don't curl very much. The curl also lasts ALL day (roughly 15 hours) on my lashes, too, which is pretty good!

I've found this mascara to be perfect for my very oily skin. Clinique mascaras have a special formulation in which the product can only be removed with warm water - so even eye makeup remover will not get it off. This means that the mascara stays put on your eyes through rain, tears and sweat, without even smudging, which is something i've never experienced in a mascara. My skin is usually too oily for even waterproof mascaras to stay put. Also, when you do wash off the mascara in warm water, it comes off in small little clumps which can then be brushed off of your towels or clothes, meaning no more mascara stains or those dreaded 'Panda Eyes'!!

The curved brush that comes with the mascara, makes it easy to apply on your lashes. Simply brush through lashes, then hold the curved side of the brush on the tip of your lashes for a few seconds, to guarantee a curl that lasts all day.

The only bad side of this mascara, for me, is the slightly plain looking packaging. I'm a sucker for good packaging and it usually influences my decision to buy a product a lot of the time. However, the packaging of this mascara is quite plain and boring, compared to the quite luxurious packaging of Estee Lauder and Lancome mascaras, for example. The price of the Clinique mascara is only £15 though, which means you can forgive the less glamorous packaging for such a good price tag (in comparison to the more common £18 - £20 price range). 

Have you ever tried a Clinique mascara? What are your views? 


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