Sunday, 18 September 2011

What's in my College bag?!

Hi everyone!
I only just started college so my bag is really tidy and currently just has all of my new school supplies in it, so I figured this was a good time to show what I keep in there. It's also kind of a back-to-school haul as this is all of the stuff I bought! So let's go...

First of all, my college bag is just a tote/shopper from Primark. For the first week of college, I was using a Cath Kidston printed shopper bag as they are super practical for school and college! They are a bit pricey at about £25 but they last for years so are definitely worth it! The only reason i'm not using my Cath Kidston for college anymore is that it was actually too big for me. I thought i'd need loads of room but I only have one course at college so I don't really, and it seemed silly carrying a big bag with not much inside! So I just got this Primark one. It's big enough for folders and books to fit in snugly without too much room, which I wanted. I'm not too keen on the tacky 'charm' on it or the green lining but it'll do for now!

The bag has one zip compartment inside, which I like, and two small open pockets. I like to keep my phone in one of the pockets, but the other isn't actually used. In the zip compartment however, I keep:
* A pen
* Scissors
* Glue Stick
* Sticky Notes - That way I don't lose them in my deep bag!

Ok, so in the main area of my bag, I keep:
* Folder with dividers/plastic wallets - WHSmiths and Wilkinsons
* 4 section A4 notepad - WHSmiths
* Small patterned notebook - The Works
* Random sheets from college.

* Makeup bag (used as pencil case) - Bodycare
* Umbrella - B & M
* Mini Pencil Crayons - Poundland
* Passionfruit Body Spray - Natural Collection at Boots

I also keep my college makeup bag in there, but i've not included it on this post as i'll be doing a seperate post on it soon!
So that's everything I keep in my college bag at the moment. I can't imagine it will change much over the year, apart from additional folders and more loose sheets! But you guys won't want to see that... I also keep an energy bar or some rice cakes in my bag to eat on short breaks inbetween lessons, but they vary each day :)

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and hopefully found it helpful in some way... ;)

Love Hayley

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