Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Mini Boots Haul!

Hi everyone! I'm blogging from my phone today so I hope this post works, and looks ok! If not I apologise :)
Anyway, I popped into Boots today to get some moisturiser and whilst in there I found quite a few unexpected bargains - which you can see (hopefully).

Ok so first of all there was a nice little '2 for £4' offer on all Nivea Daily Essentials products, and as my moisturiser is from this range I managed to stock up on two. Each tube is usually £3.98 so I basically got two for the price of one :)

Then I noticed my favorite Radox Smoothie shower gels were on offer too, so I picked up two. I got the Coconut and Almond one and a Tropical one. They were half price so were £1.40 each I think. Again I got two for the price of one hehe!

The most exciting purchases I found, however, were from Ruby & Millie. I only found out today that R&M have actually been discontinued, so was quite surprised to find a load of their products with 75% off. I love R&M eyeshadows and always have done as it used to be my Mothers favourite makeup brand when I was growing up, so she used to let me experiment with her R&M shadows while she put her own makeup on. My first proper makeup product was actually a gorgeous blue R&M eyeshadow. So anyway, there were a few products I managed to pick up for a bargain price today:
Eyeshadow pen in Bronze/Gold - £3
White eyeliner pencil - £2.75
I-define pens in Silver and Bronze - £3
Nail polish in Blue - £2.75

So that's all of my little bargains today! Overall I saved £54 on my whole shopping trip which made me very happy! :) i'm excited to try out my new products and may includecthem in future posts.

Did you snap up any bargains from the Ruby & Millie reductions?

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