Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Oh August...

Hi everyone!

I'm back! It really feels like i've not blogged in months. But actually, I think it's only been about one month. August went by so quickly yet painfully for me, and truthfully, I feel like I wasted the month. I was at home a lot of the month and had plenty of oppurtunities to blog but every time I tried to, my heart just wasn't in it and I didn't feel in the mood. The main reason for this being the fact that I was incredibly stressed throughout August.

I'd made a late application for college back in June, and i'd been told that a place on the course was unlikely. I kept trying at various times all summer though, and when it came to the middle of August I still didn't have a place and I began to panic. Various things had happened that meant I didn't want to go to my other school anymore and college was the place I wanted to go so badly! So for the rest of August I carried on visiting the college and enquiring and gradually got more stressed and run-down and reached quite a low point in life for me. At the end of August, however, I got my Exam results back. I then went from being so mentally tired, to being absolutely ecstatic! I'd got great results that I was over-the-moon about and went straight to college. They interviewed me and sent me home. An hour later I recieved a call informing me I had a place on the course! I thanked them and danced around my house with tears of joy. It was the best feeling in the world!

So yes, August brought me tears, anxiety and lots of stress. But it also brought me a feeling of relief and joy that i'd never felt before. And although i'd had a really tough month, I came out of it feeling 10x happier and it was the best end to an awful month! I hope you can understand that I didn't want to blog during that time. But now that I am finally at college and at a really comfortable point in my life, you can expect blog posts a lot more regularly!

I hope you enjoyed - if that's the right word - this more personal post. I tried not to make it too detailed or depressing! Just wanted to give an update :) normal blog posts shall now resume!


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